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"Less is more" for baby

Before our baby was born, we thought that less was more for him. Less screen, fewer toys, less bathing, less food outside of breastfeeding before 6 months, fewer products on her skin...

And then Hector was born, we stuck to our principles, which we thought were just for his balance.

✅ Less bathing: OK in the middle of summer, and at almost 2 years old, we increased the frequency a little! But the first weeks after I gave birth, we almost didn't bathe him, then after that 1-3 times a week.

⛔ The only thing we regret thinking "less is more" for is for the use of a product to take care of your skin. We took 4 months before applying oil to him as a preventive measure.

4 months is the time it took for him to develop eczema. Fortunately, we immediately rectified the situation by generously applying our "Massage-moi" care oil and the plaques ended up leaving without the need to use corticosteroids.

🤔 What happened when we were careful not to abuse the bath and put on organic cotton bodysuits, washed with homemade laundry made with our soap?

Well, we discovered the joys of winter in the mountains and the very dry air inside the houses: her baby skin, 3 times more fragile than ours, couldn't stand it and we should have protected her. ! Prevention is always preferable to cure and it is in this sense that our "Massage me" care oil has everything essential from the birth of a baby.

👉 It is all that is most natural: 100 % vegetable, 100 % organic, without chemical inputs or preservatives. It is the fruit of the mixture of 8 raw fatty substances. No ingredients act as fillers. All in a glass bottle to avoid endocrine disruptors linked to plastic migration. Baby's skin will thank you.

👉 Contrary to popular belief, moisturizing the skin is only done " from the inside ", by simply drinking! The water in moisturizers does not penetrate the skin otherwise taking a shower would be a good technique to hydrate your skin ;-)

👉 The only way to maintain the hydration of baby's skin " from the outside " is to strengthen the hydrolipidic film which is attacked daily by dry air, sun, cold, clothes, pollution, etc.

🌱 And for this, the best option is to apply a 100% natural care oil daily to baby's skin, the composition of which is as close as possible to the composition of this hydrolipidic film. This is why we have formulated "Massage me" , an oil rich in fatty acids and vitamins, almost as much as the hydrolipidic film of our skin. Besides, many of you tell us that it penetrates incredibly well and it's quite natural since it is so close and respectful of our skin.

💜 It's because it's essential that you can also find it in our minimalist baby routine

Comments (1)

  • Nana29200 on Jan 12, 2023

    Si cette huile de massage avait existé plus tôt, j en aurais évité des achats coûteux en pharmacie ! Maintenant, plus question de m en passer ! Elle pénètre parfaitement, laisse une odeur délicate et peut-être appliquée sur tout le corps ! Entièrement bio, sans parfum ni conservateurs !Bravo les petits savonneurs

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